Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my road to recovery from love

hello i have decided that i would use this blog to help me cope and recover from loosing my soul mate.
let me say first that he did not die he just left me and its been the hardest tging i have ever had to do is to get over him. i guess we should start way back when we first met. i do not have anyone to talk to because my mom and brother who were constantly trying to run my life kept warning me about this man and i eventualy told them i would not speak to them again because i loved him and that was just the way it was. so there fore
i have no boyfriend and no family. anyway here we go. it was 2008 around december i was checking out some people on myspace when i came across his page and noticed a picture of a friend i hadnt seen in years.
so i emailed trying to find out any information i could about my friend and ended up talking to this man that was heart broken about his girl leaving him. i also at the time was going thru a divorce so it was nice to talk to someone that understood. christmas went by andso did new years and we were still talking so we decided to meet up and cry on each others shoulders about our exes. we met at perkins i will never forget it. i liked him from the start he seemed to understand me and i him too. after that he kind of moved very fast and was calling, emailing and texting all the time. he brought his two boys over and my daughter and his boys hit it off and played the wii for hours. about a month has gone by and now its the weekend in febuary our first night to make love and it was love. our bodies seemed to fit together like a glove and he was so kind and gentle. made me feel like a woman. after that we were together all the time. he was always at my house.